Drilling Rig Inspectors

When it comes to drilling, the stakes are extremely high. Without diligent and regular safety inspections, major tragedies can easily occur. The expense of one major mishap can cost a company dearly. Triumph Rig & Fabrication can connect you with highly skilled and experienced rig inspectors who will put your company's best interests first.

Close Inspections Keep Structural and Safety Issues at Bay

The importance of regular inspections cannot be overemphasized. Triumph Rig & Fabrication offers several levels of rig safety inspection services in order to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Full service inspections examine every important part of a drilling rig. In between such major inspections, intermediate service inspections keep things humming along.

Repair and Maintenance

Upon completing an inspection, our drilling rig inspector will issue a report about his findings. This report can be used as a guide for handling any necessary repairs. Triumph Rig & Fabrication can assist your organization with any repairs that are necessary. In addition to performing the work, we can supply the spare parts that are needed. These inspections can reveal safety and structural issues that could develop into major catastrophes down the line. As such, they are extremely important.

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