Drilling Personnel Services and Consultants

Many companies in the oil and gas industry do not keep drilling rig personnel on their payrolls. Instead, they turn to Triumph Rig & Fabrication for all of their drilling operation personnel needs. We connect companies with highly qualified rig consultants, drilling rig inspectors and rig hands on an as-needed basis.

Available Personnel

Triumph Rig & Fabrication can connect you with the following personnel:

  • Rig Consultants - As your company's eyes and ears during a drilling job, a rig consultant fills an extremely important role. Typical duties include performing quality control checks, monitoring and maintaining equipment, overseeing employees, leading a team and overseeing progress. In short, a rig consultant is responsible for leading the whole team.
  • Drilling Rig Inspectors - Costly mistakes can create major problems. It is also important to adhere to current laws and regulations. A drilling rig inspector ensures that everything is proceeding within those perimeters and is an indispensable part of the team.
  • Rig Hands - These employees perform the work that gets the job done. Skill and experience are crucial.

Hiring the wrong people can create a nightmare for your company. Avoid that trouble by putting Triumph Rig & Fabrication's personnel services to work for you.

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